Sports Campus Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

Sports Campus Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

The Sports Campus Ireland is intended to assume a key position in the nation’s sports infrastructure and to support Ireland as an internationally competitive country of sport. At the same time, it is meant to become an architectural landmark, one symbolizing the increasingly elevated status of sports activities.

The ‘formal landscape’, in clear contrast to both the natural and the existing cultivated landscape, is a central idea of the design.

Though the campus itself will be frequented by large crowds, it will present itself in a way that allows each individual person to understand and ‘experience’ it. This will be achieved by making clear contrasts and by establishing easily identifiable features separated from each other by the soft and friendly creative landscaping.

Linking elements include a water feature, meandering paths and a system of covered walkways. The visitor will be captured in a new, different landscape where open, covered and closed spaces interact to form a holistic organism, a universe.

  • Design

    Masterplan 2001-2002

  • Gross

    200 ha / 21,527,820 sq.ft

  • Competition

    2001, 1st prize

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