Daley Center Renovation

Chicago, IL, USA

The Daley Center in Chicago serves as the primary center for municipal judicial activity in the City of Chicago. With over 100 invidual courtrooms, it is one of the only vertical courthouses in the country. The building, designed by the Chicago firm of CF Murphy and Associates, is a registered architectural landmark in the city. The intent of the project will be update mechanical systems and improve the performance of the windows and facades of the building while honoring the original buildings profile in the city.

The scope of work will include a complete over-haul of plumbing, electrical, life safety, and interior lighting systems to bring them up to date. Beyond the original analysis required for this project, Behnisch Architects will also propose changes that will make the intervention more sensitive to issues of sustainablity in building design, an issue which the City of Chicago is deeply invested in.



Chicago, IL, USA


City of Chicago Public Building Commission


Behnisch Architekten, Los Angeles


2008, not realized



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