Capitol Rosenheim

Rosenheim, Germany

Capitol Rosenheim

Rosenheim, Germany

The site of the former “Capitol” cinema in Rosenheim is now occupied by a new mixed-use office and residential complex with an assignable area of 4.531 m² / 48,754 sq.ft. Due to its proximity to the historic center, the building stood empty for ten years and was not used. The disjointed areas that open out onto the street are supplemented by new buildings in order to re-establish the historical block perimeter, hence closing the gaps along the street. They have been integrated in their dense, existing surroundings with building heights that correspond to those of the adjacent buildings which are composed of different styles. The new outstanding architectural ensemble creates a new gateway to Rosenheim’s city center. 25 apartments of different sizes and 3 commercial units are spread out over three buildings.

Access to this site is available from the north, via Prinzregentenstraße - one of Rosenheim’s major thoroughfares - and from the east, via Samerstraße. The scale of the new buildings flanking the surrounding streets relate to the roofline of the existing buildings. As a result, the public realm will be perceived as a homogeneous completion of the buildings. The edges of the structures were closed in order to strengthen the urban character of the new inner-city complex. The facades of the “residential tower” facing the street appear rather closed. However, they are accentuated by punched-in windows, arranged free and irregularly.

In contrast to the linear character of the street-facing facades, the interior facades addressing the “green” courtyards have a much softer appearance. Here, upward terraced building elements with green roofs, balconies and loggias create a high-quality, lush “oasis” in the city. Each apartment benefits from the terraced structure and has its own roof terrace which optimizes daylight. The living and dining areas face the green courtyard, where it merges onto the generous roof terrace and is discreetly separated from neighbours.

Alternating transparent and closed façade elements add to the building’s dynamic appearance. Balconies with storey-high glazed openings in the apartments connect green outer and inner spaces in an open and flowing manner.

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  • Completion


  • Gross

    6.856 qm / 73,771 sq.ft.

  • Volume

    18.583 cbm / 656,259 cu.ft.

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