Quest Club

Kolbermoor, Germany

Quest Club

Kolbermoor, Germany

Near the connecting road between Rosenheim and Kolbermoor, the Georg-Aicher area is a commercial zone that includes a mix of industry and shops. This newly developed area, situated in west Rosenheim, has benefited from an increase in traffic and accessibility. The idea for this project was to upgrade the outer appearance of the Quest Club facades.

To ensure this, a system was created which covers the existing facades. The existing heterogeneous building was painted dark to achieve a neutral appearance. The covering skin makes the facades look consistent but at the same time individual by changing the form and shapes of the particular printing patterns. The sculptural character acts as a visible identifying feature and a distinguishing character. This was achieved while keeping modifications to the original buildings at a minimum.

The realization of the project started with covering the façade of the fitness studio. The club is especially disadvantaged due to its configuration with the backside toward the streets and the entrance barely visible. The covering therefore stretches from the backside and around to the entrance. Over the course of this upgrade the entrance as well as other parts of the interior were also newly designed.

  • Design


  • Completion


  • Gross

    1.200 qm / 12,912 sq.ft.

  • Volume

    4.000 cbm / 141,260 cu.ft.

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