Quest Erlebniskultur

Kolbermoor, Germany

Quest Erlebniskultur

Kolbermoor, Germany

Within the protected historic industrial buildings of the ‘Alte Spinnerei‘ in Kolbermoor, a mix of restaurants, cafés, retail industry and services is situated in this attractive area alongside the canal of the former power plant. This includes the Café “Giuseppe e amici” in the ‘Kesselhaus’ and the identically named restaurant in the former ‘Baumwollmagazin’.

Applying a few individual measures, the functions and architectural designs have been upgraded. A café was included, with a canopy in front of the street side entrance and a new organization of the whole entrance area. The Catering area was transformed with a new counter, new paneling for the kitchen pod and a large ceiling light. The multifunctional 'Markthalle' (market hall) was also redesigned. In addition a new restaurant was built, with a pergola over the outside terrace alongside the canal and a 'showgrill' (open Barbecue area) on the inside.

The transformation of the ‘Rosengarten’ with its significant tensile structure roofing is completed with these small measures.

  • Design


  • Completion


  • Gross

    600 qm / 6,500 sq.ft.

  • Volume

    4.800 cbm / 169,510 cu.ft.

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