Lycée Franco-Allemand

Buc, France

Lycée Franco-Allemand

Buc, France

Built in collaboration with Atelier 2A+, the goal was to modernise the site of an existing school dating from the 1980s, including a Franco-German bilingual secondary school, a primary school, a lower secondary school and gymnasium, and to link them together with outdoor enhancements. This approach has resulted in the creation of an attractive place of learning for approximately 1,000 students, standing in a park amidst magnificent trees. Some parts of the existing secondary school have been kept and two new buildings built: the primary school, designed as a pavilion in the park in the northern area, and the gymnasium, which completes the overall composition towards the southern area. Thus, thanks to these needed improvements, a new school group with a clear presence and numerous references to the adjacent landscape has been achieved.

The look of the campus depends largely on the parasol structures, which from the park appear confidently in view, symbolically extending their protective roof over the school group. On the entrance side and on the street side, the lycée presents an orthogonal and rectilinear structure. The new parts of the building are adjacent to the existing building in the direction of the park and the school courtyard. Here, the school building is designed in a more free and open way. The curved wings of the building frame the school courtyard, from the middle of which the welcoming and protective parasols structures unfold. They create covered zones and mark the transition from the interior towards the exterior.

The aim of taking advantage of natural light was a priority during the design phase of the campus. The parasols also play a key role here. The transparent covering of the umbrella structures allows light to pentetrate. The timber lamellas have two functions: firstly providing shading, secondly acting as a light deflector. This ensures that the building benefits from winter sun whilst being protected from overheating due to direct summer sun penetration.

  • Location

    Buc, France

  • Client

    Département des Yvelines, Versailles

  • Architect

    Behnisch Architekten, Stuttgart
    with Atelier 2a+, Versailles, France

  • Address

  • Photography

    David Matthiessen

  • Design


  • Completion


  • Gross

    16.044 qm / 172,696 sq.ft.

  • Volume

    61.138 cbm / 2,159,088 cu.ft.

  • Competition

    2015, 1st prize

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