Action Sports Center

Munich, Germany

Action Sports Center

Munich, Germany

After lengthy deliberations, the Bavarian capital of Munich is building a new action sports center on the site of the Eggenfabrik in Pasing, an erstwhile factory for agricultural equipment situated to the west of Erna-Eckstein-Strasse right beside the railway line between Pasing and Munich central station. The new build with approximately 4,600 m2 of floor space augments the existing structure, a protected monument built around 1900, whose gable walls and steel frame will be preserved. The aim is to create a vibrant home for a wide spectrum of trendy sports—such as freestyle, skateboarding, street parkour, BMX and dirt bike, chairskating, miniramp, and jump line—while also offering space for school sports.

The architectural design envisages close links between the old factory and the new build. Together with the old building, which will serve as a street area in future, the first floor of the new building will create an open, coherent space for skaters and bikers, with spectator seating integrated into the sports areas, offering a versatile venue for different events. The spaces for the bowl area and the jump lines call for large, heavy interior installations with as few supports as possible. Because of their high loads, these additions are housed on the first floor.

The second floor serves both architecturally and functionally as a connecting element. By setting the upper stories back from the existing building, space was created for a large terrace with catering facilities that can be accessed from the first floor by an exterior staircase and is also open to local residents. The upper stories contain additional community areas as well as the parkour section, whose “reinforced concrete platform” construction and multiple levels lend the space a unique character. This is enclosed by a lightweight wooden skin, constructed in a way that exactly conforms to the functional demands and required clearances. The result is a building with minimal enveloping surface and volume that nevertheless offers the ceiling heights necessary for all the different sporting purposes.

  • Design


  • Completion


  • Gross

    8.670 qm / 93,324 sq.ft.

  • Volume

    47.041 cbm / 1,661,2530 cu.ft.

  • Competition

    2018, 1st prize