Wunnebad Winnenden

Winnenden, Germany

Wunnebad Winnenden

Winnenden, Germany

Winnenden is located right at the edge of the Swabian Forest, framed by and carefully embedded in a charming setting with vineyards and meadow orchards. The existing Wunnebad site was designed as an indoor and outdoor bathing complex with the special attraction of a heated 50 m open-air pool that can be used year round. Another special feature is the “ice park,” a winter attraction created by converting the beach volleyball courts into a large ice rink that has become well known far beyond Winnenden’s municipal limits. However, the facility with its existing pools and saunas no longer meets the requirements of a modern swimming and sauna complex, and numerous modernizations and extensions have become necessary.

The facility’s unique scenic setting, the topography of its outdoor areas, and the existing Wunnebad itself with its striking dome offer inspiration for developing design ideas that preserve the character of the complex and treat the existing architectural elements with respect. The guiding principle is that of a landscape which develops out of its surroundings and playfully and smoothly incorporates the various functional units without giving the impression of being a foreign body. The existing topography forms the backdrop and the framework for the design. The dome of the existing indoor pool supplies the anchorage for all the design and construction ideas.

The sophisticated designs of the indoor and outdoor areas provide new, vibrant focal points. Alongside the redesigned lobby and changing rooms, an additional pool, and a separate massage and wellness section, a spacious new sauna garden with various saunas and relaxation areas will offer visitors a special recreation area. Every function is thus situated in a logical location, harmoniously embedded in aesthetically pleasing surroundings and generating an intriguing dialogue between interior and exterior.

  • Design


  • Gross

    10.615 qm / 114,260 sq.ft.

  • Volume

    40.000 cbm / 1,412,600 cu.ft.

  • Competition

    2018, 1st prize